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> Dec 13: Up to 15,000 Britons who were mis-sold property in Cyprus have an extra 12 months to launch legal proceedings.

> DEC 13: CYPRUS PRESS......Police in Limassol have arrested four members of a crime gang believed to be operating around Europe, who have allegedly committed various burglaries, getting away with more than €1 million worth of stolen goods.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......the school was broken into and all of the computers have been stolen.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......but I am not sure why some people might think that the Kings Mall might, somehow, be crime free. It probably is, relatively.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......It looks like a gang are operating in the mall already which is such a shame.

> Nov 13: The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) said it was “very optimistic” for tourist arrivals from the Ukraine, one of the island’s great white hopes in finding alternative, growing, markets to replace the shrinking ones.

> Nov 13: After many months of speculation, it appears that Bank of Cyprus (BoC) will not be split into two (commercial and real estate bank).
> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Why has your friend got himself into a tis was over his shop been broken into? He was not there and the fact that they broke in during the night meant that the offender(s) didn't want to meet anyone either.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......we just happened to be talking about the old days in Cyprus when crime was a thing that happened elsewhere and everybody trusted everyone else when a young man came up the street to tell the café owner that a jewellers shop just 30 mtrs up the road had been robbed

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......a policeman has shot a motorist who failed to stop at a speed cheak , one man was hit in the shoulder and the policeman went off duty without reporting the incident .

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I don't think they (Cypriots) understand just how important mince pies are to us Brits.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Made my first visit yesterday & was well impressed, both by the size & the quality. Many outlets still either not let or not ready to open, but the 'blanks' have been nicely decorated so as not to stand out.

> NOV 13: CYPRUS PRESS......Public broadcaster CyBC has been fined €3,000 for inciting racial hatred after a talk-show guest expressed support for a Greek neo-Nazi party.

> Nov 13: A shocking video released by migrant support group KISA has gone viral across Cyprus. The film posted on Youtube, shows police officers trying to restrain a man from the Ivory Coast - but breaking his leg in the process.

> OCT 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Thieves don't look to enter by opening patio doors these days; it's now a large rock through the glass! - They did in a recent burglary I heard about.

> OCT 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......We were not aware of the other burglaries until after we had been burgled. This epidemic of low life's intent on stealing peoples hard earned possessions is spreading to the villages. Please protect your home and contents - patio doors are useless against them! If only we had acted sooner and got an alarm/security bolts!

> OCT 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Unless you live in the back of beyond house security including a monitored house alarm system is increasingly important. It didn't use to be like this in Cyprus but those happy distant days are over. Sadly.

> OCT 13: <PRESS NEWS>The highest yearly increase in unemployment in the EU was recorded in Cyprus, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......We actually turned off the main track at that point down to a small beach area but it was sadly strewn with litter. I did my usual Womble impression and picked up what I could, but for tourists or a future 'City of Culture' this area has become an embarrassing eyesore.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Half the businesses in Cyprus don't have a licence to trade but they still do.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I can honestly say that since coming to live in Cyprus in 2005 I have never met so many ignorant,ill mannered and downright nasty British people.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......As we near the end of our holiday, I've been thinking about some of the simple things that I will miss when we are back in the UK. Tomatoes - I just can't get enough of them whilst I am here.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Look at the way the Cypriot schools indoctrinate children from the age of 4 to hate the Turks and the Brits.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......the people who take from the bins are often discreet as they have pride so didn't cause any upset in this area.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......What do you expect,once Cyprus joined the EU they opened their borders to all the riff raff from Europe and now are paying the price.

> SEP 13: CYPRUS PRESS......A Church in Paphos is reaching out to help those in need by opening a new community centre to serve everyone.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus is slowly losing all credibility when it comes to customer service and even with the banking crisis it has taught them nothing.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Police believe they have busted a ring of burglars in Paphos after four people – two women and two men – were arrested late Thursday. All four who are Bulgarian, were living in the same flat in Peyia.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Talk about 'welcome to Tala village' greeted by an in-yer face security company with large billboards telling you how to make your property safe. First thing my recent holiday guests asked was if it was dangerous in Tala after seeing it!

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Why are you worrying about the Syrians attacking Cyprus?, they wont, as simple as that.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......It's a shame when you sit in a bar or taverna and there are many Brits who find in hard to speak without F--k this or f--k that every time they open there mouths, Why do they do this god only knows. Me I thank god I live in a nice place with good people around me

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I too am sick of mainly British people both on holiday and who live here that go into food shops with no shirt or top on. A family of 4 were in there the other day dripping sweat all over the bread and rolls and the floor.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Just been told that there were two burglaries last night in the Pissouri bay area.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......2 of my neighbours in Sea Caves area were burgled last night.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Where I live we haven't gone down the neighbourhood watch way. We are using a local security company and all subscribers to this scheme (more are joining it every day, I hear), have installed wireless house alarms which are monitored in the control office of the security company 24/7.

> SEP 13: CYPRUS PRESS......According to Peyia community policeman, after a quiet summer, there has been an increase in the number of break-ins in the area.

> Sep 13: <PRESS NEWS> Police arrested the chairman of the island’s state telecommunications company CyTA and two others – a CyTA employee and land registry official – in connection with a land deal worth millions involving the organisation’s pension fund.

> Sep 13: <PRESS NEWS> Cyprus cannot be used as a launching pad for attacks on Syria while at the same time offering its services as a shelter of stability and security for fleeing foreign nationals, said Foreign Minister.

> Sep 13: <PRESS NEWS> Emotions ran high on a street outside the headquarters of a Paphos charity yesterday when 100 needy families, including mothers with babies were turned away after volunteers ran out of food.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......There's hardly a district in Paphos where repeat burglaries have not been reported.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Secret Valley, burglary hotspot, its too far out.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......EU crime falls, Cyprus burglaries, robberies and car thefts ups. In Cyprus, 3,232 domestic burglary cases were reported in 2010, from 2,656 in 2007.
> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Odd skirmishes amongst the locals and tourist/residents but it is not happening all the time but it does happen and there is no denying it. There again it happens in other villages and towns as well all over Cyprus these days.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The staff in this place are fantastic really polite and helpful. Who ever owns this place should share there values with other places.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The trouble being that most of them are British and an embarrassment. Cyprus used to be quite a classy place but is now just another Benidorm sadly.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Funny how some people who have never lived in Mandria complain about aircraft noise........ we've never found it a nuisance, and have good fun guessing the airline as they fly past!

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Why oh why do British people think it is acceptable to go to a restaurant in just shorts (the men) with their very British guts hanging out above them and then talk very loudly.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......One very nice polite man handed back the file to the receptionist and said thank you in Greek she then turned to her mate and sniggered and said 'can you believe these people trying to speak our language' my daughter who's first language is Greek heard this.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......There are some lovely people in Cyprus

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I think most of us know that Customer Service is virtually non existent in Cyprus!

> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......I have lived here for 25 years and yes, over the years there has been many incident with kids/ teenagers. Fighting falling out beating tourists up.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS FORUM......Having holidayed in Pissouri Cyprus for the past 11 years as my family own 2 properties here I am saddened to report repeated attacks on our children by some of the local youths in the village.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Since gated security was installed on our development, break-ins are now virtually non-existant.

> AUG 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Just heard one of my neighbours was broken into on Sat night. It was a small ground floor window and I was surprised how easily and quietly the vanes could be removed.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......what is the difference?, thick is about the right term for these people, it is the same in the US they are very singular and self centered, mind I know a few Cypriots who think this is the centre of the Universe.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......A study of 2,000 people who travelled abroad last year showed 53 per cent of those who went to Cyprus had no idea where it actually was, confusing it with mainland Greece - Who cares? if they are that thick we don't want them here.....

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I have to say that the only ones that have ever given me grief have been "my own" over here. I think some leave their manners,consideration and honesty back in the UK when they board an aeroplane to come here to live ( that is if they possessed these qualities in the first place).

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I could not care less if tourists stopped coming here permanently ! why ? because Cypriots are, and always have been hopeless at dealing with tourism.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Our first villa here when we didn't renew the lease the landlord said right in our face....(his exact words)" you English are all b***ards, you gave our country to the turks"

> Aug 13: <PRESS NEWS> Britain is sending six RAF Typhoon jets to Cyprus as a defensive measure amid growing tensions over Syria and talks of Western military intervention. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the air-to-air interceptor jets would be deployed to the British Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

> Aug 13: Cypriot unemployment is the third- highest in the EU, behind Greece (26.9%) and Spain (26.3%). This compares with just 4.6% in Austria, 5.4% in Germany and 7.8% in the UK.

> Aug 13: <PRESS NEWS> Hundreds of Britons with holiday homes in Cyprus are to start legal action to have their debts wiped out. As many as 20,000 investors are caught up in a major dispute with a number of different developers and banks over flats bought between 2005 and 2008. Many did not realise their mortgages would be taken out in Swiss francs.

> Aug 13: <PRESS NEWS> Some 87 per cent of refugees in Cyprus said they would leave if they could as they saw no way of improving their lives on the island, according to a new survey.

> Aug 13: <CYPRUS PRESS> Despite Britain having a long and tumultuous relationship with its former colony, the majority of holidaymakers coming to Cyprus don’t really know where it is. When shown a map, 53 per cent of Britons booked to go to Cyprus thought it was part of mainland Greece while just under a half thought Turkey was in the Ukraine.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......It's getting worse over there but still no-where near as bad as the UK, next village to us had ten break-ins in one night. Just wish Cyprus was like it used to be but I suppose with lots now out of work crime will rise.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......We were in a hire car two years ago and they broke into that and stole what ever they could. The items that got stolen were phones and wallets and would you believe a towel and t-shirt

> JUL 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......Two people from Limassol who were holidaying in Paphos had cash, mobile phones and an Ipad all valued at around €1,600 stolen in separate incidents, police said.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......Police in Limassol arrested a 46-year-old man on after officers searched his home and found a large amount of drugs, three hunting rifles and two airguns.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......Police in Larnaca arrested a 32-year-old man on Wednesday after they found 117 grammes of cannabis and 40 ecstasy pills in his home.
> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......My wife and I are both upset with so many breaking in and around pathos sign of the times perhaps such a shame lets hope it gets better. Paphos.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Nothing makes rape right, but some women bring the risk of rape on themselves, possibly through naivety, possibly stupidity, possibly arrogance.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS PRESS...... A 39-year-old man who owns a bar in Mandria was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of raping a young British tourist.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......There were attempted break-ins in Konia. The owners were actually in the house when the offenders tried to enter.

> JUL 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......An elderly couple on holiday here in Paphos. The lady was involved in a traffic accident, she was knocked down by a car and endured broken ribs. Whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive her hand bag was stolen by some low life.
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> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Most people visiting Cyprus are usually looking for Sun, Sea, Cheap Booze, Cigs and resturants hence my reference to Coral Bay.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I welcome main sewerage drainage and the appropriate treatment plant rather than the evil smelling cess pit situation that currently exists in most villages.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I have to say the pastries look and smell delicious in Lidl but I am always put off by the amount of people that squeeze and feel them then put them back ...... One guy the other day picked 2 up off the floor and put them back on display!

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Look out with bear feet as broken glass along with used condones strewn this are of the beach, I say beach very loosely and nobody seems to care, Cyprus for goodness sake wake up now!!

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I like the fact the shops close for the half day and on Sunday. It reminds me of my childhood in UK. Sunday has always been a family day in Cyprus.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Whilst it is not unusual for russians to be noisey and lively and drunk when having a holiday or night out many other nationalities including the english are no better, some worse even.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Our reason for living in Cyprus was for a change of lifestyle not the cost of living.

> Jul 13: <PRESS NEWS> A Paphos lifeguard was praised for his quick action in saving a British holidaymaker from drowning.

> Jul 13: <PRESS NEWS> The Attoney-General has ordered a criminal investigation into the circumstances bringing the economy and the banking sector close to collapse with the state’s legal services and police due to meet.

> JUN 13: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police arrested four Cypriot men on Wednesday in connection with a number of tourist muggings in the area. Police said one of the men, 26, confessed to committing 20 separate muggings, mainly of tourists.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......At least three homes broken into in the immediate area in past two days to my knowledge, so we must not be complacent.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Well at last more and more people are realizing that Cyprus is not a crime free zone, as many people would have you believe, but it is no different to many countries.

> JUN 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......The rise in number of muggings may be due to the current state of the economy in this country. It seems that more than ever it is necessary to take care when out in pulic places.

> JUN 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Is there crime in Cyprus - of course there is. Is it out of control- of course it's not. Could you be a victim - of course you could, will you be a victim - who knows.

> JUN 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......Home owners in Peyia in Paphos are being encouraged to install added security measures to try to curb burglaries in the district. The warning comes in the wake of a spate of burglaries in the area despite Peyia having a neighbourhood watch scheme. A police spokesman said doors and windows should be fitted with strong locks, and a light should be left on when the property is empty. Security lights fitted to the building exterior would also be a good idea and if possible a security system. He also suggested leaving the TV on when not at home.

> Jun 13: <PRESS NEWS> Those bright red, mostly British men, stripped down to the waist with an ever expanding stomach on full display along with an array of tattoos, have become a fixture on the streets and in bars, cafes and even supermarkets in tourist areas. But this popular British male practice of stripping off to the waist is upsetting Paphos locals who say that standards in Paphos are dropping and urge businesses to insist on customers sporting “proper attire”.

> Jun 13: <PRESS NEWS> The (Cyprus) education ministry has ordered school boards to remove any unnecessary air-conditioning units or heaters from schools and kindergartens in a bid to save energy and money.

> Jun 13: <PRESS NEWS> The (Cypriot) government plans to cut spending by around a billion in the next three years as it tries to rein in the deficit and a spiralling public debt, finance ministry documents showed.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Is it just me?, I've got to say that much of the TOTK road is an absolote mess (sorry if that offends anyone, but it is!). It's almost like you are in some third world country in places.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Philippos Supermarket is expanding yet again and without proper planning permits, again.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM..... I also have an issue with badly dressed woman flaunting their bits to all and sundry usually in ill fitting clothes- you wouldn't walk round dressed like that at home (I hope!) so why do it here?

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Why is it, that British men, many of them at an age that they should know better, complete with their pot bellies, insist on sitting in bars and restaurants whilst they are on holiday, with no tshirt or other clothing on the top half of their sweaty, glistening bodies.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Our shop landlord mentioned the other day that a lot of Cypriots have stopped using Lidl. Why's that?" I asked. "Because they're German" he said. He was serious.

> JUN 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou promised that the move to rein in gold and silver dealers, effective from July 1, would significantly reduce spiralling burglaries on the island.

> JUN 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......The fake phones do not work!!! ......once you get home you find the phone battery lasts 5 min and then don't work at all. These people are part of organised crime operating all over the island.

>MAY 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS......A fire in a used car dealership in Paphos caused extensive damage. Following examination of the scene, police have concluded that the fire was a result of arson.

> MAY 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Just been short changed by €5. I know it's not a lot but its the principle. I did try and speak with the staff but they were not interested. Just beware.

> May 13: <PRESS NEWS> The (Cyprus) tourism industry is urging residents to holiday at home this year to help beat the crisis.

> May 13: Parliament approved an EU bailout including provisions to impose substantial losses on bank depositors and wind down one of the island's biggest banks.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS RESIDENT......There are two places I am reluctant to go in life. One is the dentist. The other is Peyia Municipality.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....It seems that living in Cyprus is a double edged sword ... You worry about what is going on in Cyprus and you worry about what is going on on the UK.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Its the way it is in Cyprus, dont come here and complain if you don't like it.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....I have noticed many health benefits living in Cyprus as compared to the UK and the warm climate contributes enormously!

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Our so called civilised Cypriot neighbours opposite have, tonight, brought a live goat in the back of a 4 X 4 to be slaughtered. Last year it had its throat cut in the old church yard opposite our house, was strung up by its hind legs and skinned.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Rental prices are falling in Cyprus, and you will have plenty of choices. The government has just introduced a 2 year rental increase freeze too. So, the cards are in your favour.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......There is an lady calling herself an agent who 'looks after' half a dozen properties on my complex and she's as crooked as they come.

> MAR 13: PRESS REPORT......Property valuers in Cyprus have suspended work as they come to terms with a financial bailout that is likely to deepen price falls of recent years.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The days of "investment" property financed by borrowing on the equity on your mortgaged house are however over for the foreseeable future.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I have had our apartment with 10 (agents) over the past 5 years and only 2 viewings with no feed back so there really is no one I would recommend.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Over the weekend they gained access to one of the flats, turned the electricity on and generally tried to do things to taunt us. Last night they were setting off fireworks inside the flat.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....There are a lot of "dodgy" British people over here talking big but not delivering.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....The suing culture is not endemic here as it is in the UK and the USA. It would be physically impossible for Paphos Council - or any other council for that matter - to fill in every hole and lop every over-hanging tree branch as soon as it appears.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....Paphos municipality were rather careless in not keeping track of their holes in the ground. Unfortunately someone found one and now has a broken leg, in two places, and a long period in plaster.We want to sue.

> Apr 13: A tonne of food and supplies donated by Cypriots living in London will be sent by ship to Cyprus next week to be distributed equally among the community markets.

> Apr 13: Some 46,000 people were registered unemployed at the end of January this year, and unemployment – now close to 15 per cent – is expected continue rising.

> Apr 13: The government will soon approve measures aimed at boosting the crippled economy, that are expected to include casinos, fast-tracking permits for large projects, tax breaks, and relaxation of measures to encourage foreign investment.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> Cyprus Press......A 90-year old man and his 82-year-old wife answered a knock at their door and were greeted by two people who barged inside, beat them and tied the man up for his money, police said.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> UK PRESS......Thousands of British tourists heading to Cyprus for Easter have been told to take bundles of cash with them – and to make sure they are adequately protected against thieves.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......One holiday home on our development was broken into twice in one week recently.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......As one of my neighbours (who has been burgled) said to me this afternoon, it doesn't really matter if they come again, there's precious little left for them to steal. How sad that it's come to that.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Over the road from me a policeman lives, he was burgled, he had an alarm system and even his uniform that was left out did not put them off.

> MAR 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......A Neighbourhood Watch is in the process of being set up in our area. Talking to one of the newly-appointed co-ordinators, he was telling me that there were 250 break-ins in Peigia alone last year. There were four in the past week; one unoccupied house was broken into twice in a few days.

> MAR 13: <SOCIAL NETWORKING> You don't like Cyprus then leave... and take your bases with you.

> MAR 13: <PAPHOS FORUM> Any (forum) members lost weight or improved their health since switching to a Mediterranean/Cypriot diet? - Definitely!

> MAR 13: <PAPHOS FORUM> Last couple of days I have been approached by 2 woman beggars - what a lovely thing for the tourists to experience.

> MAR 13: <PAPHOS FORUM> In 7 years we have never had any problems with the Cypriots its the Brits we have had the problems with, when I listen to how some Brits carry on I just cringe and wish I was somewhere else.

> MAR 13: <PAPHOS FORUM> Tombs of the Kings always bring about a difference of opinion - some like it others don't. My opinion is that it is run down and tacky and if you haven't been there in 4 years it most certainly has not gotten better between then and now.

> FEB 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....British ex pats living in Paphos have responded to an urgent appeal and are rallying to donate goods to go towards feeding 250 families who are in desperate need.

> MAR 13: Minister of Education, Kyriacos Kenevezos wants students at school now to learn from the hero-students of the EOKA struggle - 1955-1959 - that love for one’s nation should know no limits. He called on them to fight together with the rest of Cypriot-Hellenism to free the country from the occupation and to reunite the much-maligned island.

> MAR 13: Residents and home owners in Peyia in Paphos are being encouraged to install added security measures to try to curb burglaries in the district. The warning comes in the wake of a spate of burglaries in the area in the last week despite Peyia having a neighbourhood watch scheme.

> FEB 13: <PRESS NEWS> Russia is prepared to contribute towards Cyprus’ bailout, along with the European Union, President Demetris Christofias said as reports also suggested that German objections had weakened.

> JAN 13: <PRESS NEWS> British ex pats living in Paphos have responded to an urgent appeal and are rallying to donate goods to go towards feeding 250 families who are in desperate need.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> CYPRUS PRESS (Paphos)......A British man reported to police that his sister’s house had been broken into and two laptops and a small TV had been stolen.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Hotel rooms in Paphos were burgled with more than €13,000 worth of electronics and camera equipment stolen, police said.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......It looked to me that they were after wallets, rings, watches or anything else that they could lay their hands on. There was also a big bloke who was obviously in charge of them, no doubt he would wade in if there were any altercations.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......Times have changed in Cyprus. When we arrived in 1999, security was not a problem. But soon after the country joined the EU and the gates were flung open to many European countries, so the rise in crime was noticeable.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......The odds on being broken into were about 90%. We virtually made ourselves prisoners in our own home - we were so afraid to leave it unattended at any time.

> FEB 13: <CRIME> PAPHOS FORUM......The fact that 75-80% of our neighbours have been burgled over the past 2/3 years.
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