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Transporting your family by car in Cyprus can feel familiar, driving is on the left (mostly - though at times driving
either on the left or right can seem to be a personal preference !). Most road signs are in English and the rules of
the road emulate UK legislation.

So far this may seem good news, however, the reality this could not be further from the truth. Cypriots (and non-Cypriots
in time adopt the same obsession) will park wherever suits them, corners, bends, traffic lights and zebra crossings are
all favourites. Overtaking the car in front, no matter what speed the car is travelling is a personal mission for most
Cypriots. Even overtaking on a blind bend is deemed acceptable. Daily accidents are common including sadly fatalities.

Unlicensed and under age drivers, mostly teenagers (both Cypriot and non-Cypriot) will be seen riding mopeds without
wearing a safety crash helmet. Most would not have taken any formal lessons and will be using the mopeds without insurance. Parents seem unconcerned at the risk their children are taking and the police tend to turn a blind eye though they do occasionally confiscate the mopeds but the youths replace them. There has been a number of serious accidents though parents of these teenagers still allow them to ride the mopeds.

Careful consideration is needed before using a taxi, make sure you are given a price for your journey. Some taxi drivers have been known to become very aggressive, more so at the airport when they are pursuing customers.

Many British ex-pats take a relaxed (and very dangerous / belligerent) view towards drinking and driving, after all, this is Cyprus. It is the opinion of many drinking (sometimes to excess) and driving is completely acceptable. Their actions are inexcusable and putting not only themselves but others at risk. The police are taking a tougher approach to this anti-social and extremely reckless behaviour.

Learning to drive in Cyprus is possible though is subject to meeting regulations. Oddly, over 95% of female learners based in Paphos fail their first attempt at the driving test. This could be put down to poor instruction, even by UK trained instructors who work in the Paphos area. Nearly all pass at their second attempt.

Purchasing a car in Cyprus, unless new you will need to be vigilant. Due to the poorly kept roads most cars endure a hard life and maintenance is often overlooked. Many vehicles will have been in an accident. 4 wheel drive vehicles such as trucks are popular and are better suited to the inferior roads. Most second hand cars cost around 30% to 150% more than the UK, you will see cars 20 years old or more for sale.

For example: (Prices as at 2017)
Advertised in the UK press: Daihatsu Terios 2006, 67,000 miles: UK pounds 3,850.00
Advertised in the Paphos press: Daihatsu Terios 2006, 90,000 kms: Euros 9,995.00

When you take into account the exchange rate the difference is around 170% more in Cyprus than the UK for the same car !

Bringing your car into Cyprus should be easy being part of Europe. However, there seems to be a resistance to accepting European rules and while you are allowed one car per person “duty free” Cyprus Customs demand a huge and sometimes pointless amount of paperwork. Make sure you have with you all your previous MOT’s, ALL previous insurance certificates, receipts, log book etc. You also need to remember, if and when you to return to the UK you may find your No Claims Discount is no longer accepted.

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> Driving
Laws of the Road
Medical Care
Driving in Cyprus can feel familiar and is on the left (mostly !).
A Personal View
> SEP 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The Road Safety Council (RSC) decided yesterday to increase the speed limit along Nicosia’s Grivas Dighenis avenue from 50 to 65 kilometres per hour, due to the large number of speeding offences recorded since the placing of two speed cameras

> SEP 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Traffic police launched a two-week motorcycle and bus campaign near schools

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......a car came hurdling down toward me on my side of the road,no other cars luckily

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Drive like an idiot, or meet an idiot in a car, then it's a different ball game altogether of course

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM...... did anyone actually expect the taxi mafia to allow wheel clamping?!

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I was doing 75kh in a 50kh zone, yes I was wrong. The officer said the fine should be euros 60 and some points. But he could do me a special off of euros 40 and no points if I accepted the ticket.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The car turned onto the dual carriageway and mounted the central reservation, dirt and oleander flying all over the place!!! ....the driver was on the phone!!! Must have been important!!??

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Had a prat in a truck mess up my motor

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I pointed out to him that he was parking in a disabled parking space, but was told to "f off" in no uncertain terms.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Sadly in most cases they will extort every penny they can get out of you, will not put the meter on, they simply refuse. Taxis at the airport a big problem here.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Used vehicles in Cyprus very expensive, double to treble those in the UK.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......"Blue Badge" parking is difficult to enforce in the UK so almost impossible to enforce in Cyprus.

> JUN 14: CYPRUS PRESS.....A pair of speed cameras became officially operational and started recording violations, with the first offenders caught and due to receive a ticket. Following a staggering 1,800 traffic violations recorded in a 24-hour test run

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I drive very very defensively as the standard on the roads is less than expected.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Rude bunch of pig ignorant anal retards. (Referring to Cab drivers at Paphos airport)

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I know locals who drive unroadworthy vehicles, without tax, MOT etc. (and even no licence) and have done for years. They know the routes to use to ensure they will never be stopped.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The simplest option is just NOT to drink drive, theres really no excuse for it. Personally I feel there should be a zero tollerance on drink driving.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Eventually one of them (Taxi driver) said €8 - we expressed our displeasure then decided it was preferable to have a slow walk up the road rather than be ripped off.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....a friend of ours was genuinely picking up a couple of relatives from the airport. Whilst waiting for them to come through a taxi driver went up to him and told him in language we couldn't use on here, I know where you live and if I see you here again I will ........ kill you and your family.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Many people like to bring over their own vehicle and if you are thinking of doing that do some research as it can be costly depending on the type of vehicle.

> APR 14: CYPRUS PRESS.....Half of Cypriot motorists do not know how to properly approach or use a roundabout, according to the results of a new road safety survey.

> APR 14: CYPRUS PRESS.....A private firm will be hired to install traffic and speed cameras throughout the island in 2015,

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Just heard a man was knocked down by a car that didn't stop - I wonder if the driver who failed to stop realised that the man he hit was a Paphos traffic policeman.

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....I can honestly say you see every bad driving trick in the book that we see here.

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....the tail gate decided to swing open (it opens to the side rather then tipping down). Oblivious to this the driver took out the traffic lights on the pedestrian crossing, followed by most of the traffic signs up to the roundabout where he turned left and took out another set of crossing lights before someone finally managed to stop him!

> MAR 14 CYPRUS PRESS......The Motor Insurance Fund of Cyprus has announced that a staggering 30,000 vehicles are on the islands roads without insurance.

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....If the vehicle has been imported at any time in the last 10 years, check with the customs office that the duty on it has been paid by the person selling the car, as, if it hasn't you will be liable for it.

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....I always feel sorry for tourists picking up their rental cars at night and having to drive back from the airport, its bad enough when you know the route.

> FEB 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....rule of thumb, pre-book or agree price before getting in the (Taxi) vehicle.

> FEB 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....One might just have some sympathy if they (Taxi drivers) all used a meter and drove carefully, but sadly that's never likely to happen!

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Roads and vehicles are not the danger, It’s the drivers here!

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Unfortunately disabled parking bays are generally ignored by everyone but the Brits over here.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Some of those taxi drivers are very unpleasant indeed and I pity unsuspecting tourists who fall prey to them.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......As for the tax drivers- go about it the right way and they are no problem at all (providing you park "up wind" of them of course)

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......My friends Mazda Demio 2 was stolen from Universal.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......If anyone is going to retire here, and if you don't drive, you should seriously consider to learn how to drive, otherwise its going to be a bigger problem than you think.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Just a few years ago I can remember the death road toll being around a hundred a year, so if it's 44 deaths up till now, significant progress has been made.

> DEC 13: CYPRUS PRESS......Police said that drinking or speeding were this biggest causes of traffic accidents on the island.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......very nervious looking young lady taking a driving lesson, whilst the driving instructor chats away on his phone and smokes a fag at the same time.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Sat in a bar the other day were 4 English were getting hammered and argued who will drive home.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......My friend of mine the other night got stopped ,then breath-tested, he blow over the limit. In the end he was given a 300 euro fine ( I think he blew 50 ? ).The police then let him drive home....................................,The right or wrong of it, we are in Cyprus, we choose to live here, it is THEIR country................."when in Rome"?

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I had an accident last year, I am insured so I called their guy out, he asked me if I had had a drink and I confirmed that I had had one gin and tonic but considered myself safe to drive.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......If I had a pound in my pocket for every time when I have been sitting in a bar I saw Brits drinking to excess then get there car and drive I would be a rich man..This is a country were BRITS think it's ok to Drink and drive.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM......If in the eyes of the law you are not over the limit, then you are surely considered fit to drive? In saying this I am not expressing a personal opinion on drink driving,

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Never indicate - this will give away your next move. A real Cypriot driver never uses them.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......At last, professional rider training in Greek and English to EU standards is available in the Paphos region for the public to learn to ride safely.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus will be giving a presentation in November on Bad Weather Driving and ABS.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......A friend was out last month and after a night in Bar street left his wallet in a taxi. He was woken the next morning by the taxi driver knocking on his door to return it.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The Polis rd is dangerous, idiots overtaking on bends at 80kmph

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......That'll be after they impose, collect and act on fines for using mobiles while driving, not wearing seatbelts/crash helmets and not restraining kids in cars will it? And pigs might fly.......! Heard it all before sorry!

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I disagree about the CA not being helpful as i went there when my huband needed a disabled badge and they couldn't have been more helpful.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Save yourself a trip to the CA centre as in my experience they are not very helpful and have employees cars parked permanently in the designated disabled parking area outside their offices!!!!

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I have no sympathy for anyone not correctly dressed on a motorcycle, and that includes police motorcyclists, they set a really good example don't they!

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Phones are banned to use while driving, does it stop them, no of course it doesn't.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......When a Cypriot friend was asked why so few drivers use their indicators he replied that their philosophy would be "Why should I tell you where I'm going?"....

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Whilst I was out I was passed by a man on a motorbike with a boy of about 3 sitting in front of him on the tank and a girl of around 5 behind him.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......If the police were more diligent regarding traffic violations .like they do in England .the driving standards would improve.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I've had 3 rear-end shunts (slow speed fortunately) in the past couple of years.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Using the new junction /roundabout on a regular basis It is one of the most sensible things they have done here.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......People can, and do, ignore traffic lights.People can, and do, ignore traffic lights.

> JUN 13: People can, and do, ignore traffic lights.Having seen a new road being built near us, and the cock ups made with levels, I don't think civil engineers take ANY exams.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Caught!!! Yep Guinness is alcohol...... But I only had one!!.They (Police) seemed to stop every car on both sides of the road.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Last year I accepted an offer of a lift from a young Cypriot friend. I remarked at his excessive speed and that he was not wearing a belt. Is response "I am a good driver"

> APR 13: CYPRUS PRESS......A 42-year old man caused mayhem on the roads, hitting several vehicles and causing others to collide, injuring six people including three police officers.

> APR 13: CYPRUS PRESS......During 2009-2012, traffic police issued 882,197 on-the-spot fines collecting €38,455,371, according to a new statistical report.

> FEB 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Both son-in-law and I have suffered rear-end shunts in the past 3 months, in both cases where we were stopped at roundabout and lights and a careless driver went into the back of us.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS PRESS......Nearly 1,000 caught drink driving. Police checked 10,859 drivers between December 10 and 31, in a nationwide campaign for driver and vehicle checks. Among those checked, 984 were booked for driving under the influence of alcohol.

> DEC 12: PAPHOS FORUM......We stopped on a zebra crossing in Paphos to allow a pedestrian to cross the road and were overtaken by a police car !!!.
> JUL 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 14-year old boy was caught driving a car illegally

> JUL 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 16-year-old was arrested for driving without a licence and without insurance.

> JUL 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......someone who had her handbag on the passenger seat when she was driving and had her bag snatched when she stopped at traffic lights

> JUN 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......they drive too fast and get caught by traffic police, the prob is not obeying laws, speeding, parking on pavements, no seatbelts no licence mot and insurance, etc etc

> MAY 17: PAPHOS FORUM......Can anyone recommend a reliable non rip off taxi service

> MAY 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......was shocked by how bad driving has become

> MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 38-year-old driver who caused an accident in Limassol on Saturday evening was almost eight times over the limit

> APR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Woman arrested after driving five times over the limit

> MAR 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......We drive like mad lunatics , ignoring all rules of the road

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A driver beeped his horn when a traffic light turned green on on Sunday. The two individuals in the vehicle in front got out of their and beat him up.

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Motorist was nearly ten times over the limit, one of highest on record

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Two men, 30 and 38, were arrested for drink driving and assaulting a policeman

> JAN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Driver stopped five times over the limit

> JAN 17: PAPHOS FORUM......Drink driving is a big problem here, as is driving using a mobile and speeding.

> JAN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 32-year-old driver was found to be nearly five times over the drink-drive limit after he crashed into a street lamp

> JAN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A motorist, who hit an elderly lady in a was found to have more than three times the legal level of alcohol

> DEC 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A Man, who was stopped by police for driving at 229 kmh on the Nicosia Limassol highway was also found to be two times over the alcohol limit.

> NOV 16: PAPHOS FORUM......he has been clocking mileometers and the police closed him down

> NOV 16: CYPRUS was caught driving drunk, while his car had no licence plates, no road tax, no insurance and no MOT certificate

> OCT 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......They are all bravehearts even getting on a motorbike on Cyprus lawless anything goes roads.

> JUL 16: CYPRUS PRESS......The driver of a car involved in an accident that injured him and a passenger, had 62 microgrammes of alcohol in his system, police said.

> MAY 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Most people know expats drink and drive

> MAY 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Boy racers in Paphos are causing huge problems

> MAY 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I vowed there and then never to drive in Cyprus again, the whole area around Paphos is a complete tip

> MAY 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......drink and drive and drink and drugs is a massive problem

> APR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......some disgruntled resident decides to snap off my rear wiper arm.

> APR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Apart from the outrageous charges I would be too terrified to go in a taxi

> APR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A 53-year-old drunk driver five times above the limit was arrested after he hit a total of six parked cars, police said. He drove off and ten minutes later, hit another three cars.

> MAR 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......Sick of seeing people yapping or texting whilst driving..One hit the back of my car last summer

> MAR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......The police motorcycle unit booked 104 drivers in the Paphos area on various traffic offences

> FEB 16: SOCIAL driver out of ten drives drunk in Cyprus.

> FEB 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......The taxi drivers call themselves "a profession"? What a laugh.

> JAN 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I've learnt through experience to use reputable car hire companies

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Police investigations showed that the factory-made crackers had been set off under the front of the car, causing around 800 euros worth of damage.

> DEC 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......They come up from the betting shop and have a 'few' drinks and when totally smashed, stagger out to their twin cabs to drive home

> DEC 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......Lately I've seen crashes nearly every day on my 20 minute commute. Why are they so bad at driving

> DEC 15: PAPHOS amazes me that sometimes people throw their arms up in horror at the latest casualty because of someone speeding or drinking, and the next giving out tips on where the police lay in waiting.

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Police arrested a drunken motorist

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......a very belligerent Englishman almost ran into me

> NOV 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......I don't get it...people here behave like no rules apply when one is behind the wheel.

> NOV 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Driver found six times over the limit

> NOV 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......There's a lot of very rich Brits, and they can afford the (motoring) fines.

> NOV 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Around 200 speeders and 27 drunk drivers a day booked in the past month

> OCT 15: PAPHOS FORUM......the young tearaways who speed, overtake stupidly, undertake dangerously, respect no one else on the road

> OCT 15: PAPHOS FORUM......these speed merchants think accidents and death only happens to other people.

> SEP 15: PAPHOS FORUM......rental (quad bikes and buggies) ones im not so sure as I have also seen buggies driving along crabbing or bent axles so the wheels shook.

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......We are seeing more and more cyclists on Cyprus’ roads – some of them even daring to cycle on the road,

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......we are all getting quite used to lunatics who jump the lights

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......we love the roads as they are it is all part of being and living in Cyprus

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police arrested a 32-year-old man after he was caught doing 143 kilometres per hour in a 50km zone.

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......well to certain degree I see speed limits as a guide,

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......the roads in Cyprus are about the most dangerous in Europe. Or more accurately put the drivers on the road here are the most dangerous in Europe.

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Due to the scams that are currently being tried I think they (Dash Cam) are well worth it.

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I used to have a 650cc, but its just too dangerous in Cyprus.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Lots of places are worse than Cyprus. Cyprus driving isn't bad, it's just different.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I think the new transport system is great.

> JUL 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......Tombs Road is far worse than the vast majority of roads in Western Europe, that is fact.

> JUN 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......Taxi men are dodgy enough at the best of times

> JUN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......A frightening number of people seem to pour lager shorts and other alcohol down their throats and then drive off into the night

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Drunk driver stopped with young baby in car

> JUN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Sounds like a dodgy car rental going on to me.

> MAY 15: PAPHOS can parents be allowed to park on zebras and pavements, yet the employed lollipop ladies just carry on in any available space between the cars.

> MAY 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......When is Cyprus going to join the rest of the World? If you are found to be over the limit you are arrested on the spot,

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......police on patrol in Paphos spotted two individuals on a quad-bike with no registration plates.

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Good News: Reduction in drink-drive limit coming

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Not many of the Cyprus New Car websites display list prices

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Only if it (parking) was to be enforced by the Police. Yeah, I know, this is Cyprus....

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......More than half of all vehicles traveling on Cyprus’ roads are not road worthy according to government figures

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Two youths were seriously injured after the car they were travelling in crashed into traffic lights

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Paphos Police Division, halted a vehicle which, to their surprise, was driven by a 12-year-old boy.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......What I am concerned about is the excessive speed of some drivers, coupled with sometimes dangerous overtaking of slower vehicles.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......there are roads that are poorly laid out, badly surfaced and little regard shown to road safety.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......long blast on the horn caused the other driver, a young Cypriot woman, texting on her mobile to pull sharply back onto her side and immediately slam on the brakes.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I will - and I do, bang my bloody brakes on! Then I drive at 70km and watch them stew behind me because they cannot get into the inside lane to overtake.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I won't be bullied by an idiot who thinks they can force me off the road just because they're in a car that's bigger than mine....

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......the cost of anything decent here (cars) is ridiculous.

> JAN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Two people from Limassol, are under investigation for allegedly creating fake accidents.

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM...... an expat mate who lives here but has renewed his UK licence by giving his sons UK address

> DEC 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Police said on Friday they would be launching a two-week islandwide clampdown on drink driving

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Filled up and paid €1.31 a litre, so prices have come down

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......If I was to visit UK now and drive there, I would probably be soon arrested for careless driving; or parking illegally on pavements.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......When driving in Cyprus it is always best to drive defensively and to expect the unexpected!

> NOV 14: SOCIAL MEDIA......In Paphos driving with a helmet on certainly attracts attention, you would be the only one!

> OCT 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Drunk driving rate dangerously up in the past year

> OCT 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I've never known petrol/diesel to be so expensive for the locals as it is now.

> OCT 14: SOCIAL MEDIA......a male about 30 ish and standing between him and the handle bars a child of about three. He was weaving in and out of traffic, no crash-helmets, both wearing shorts and flip flops,
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