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The British have a fond and caring relationship with pets. They become part of the family and adored by children and parents alike.
Leaving your pet dog or cat behind when moving overseas would for many be unbearable.

This site does not offer advice regarding the transport of pets overseas, you will need to confirm current legislation with the
appropriate authority. However, you do need to consider the cost. There are a few options though using an airline is the most
common. Surprisingly, the cost can be pricey. Should you leave Cyprus the costs are again incurred to transport your
pet(s) back to the UK, expect to pay euros 600.00 per pet per trip.

Cypriots simply do not care for animals (pets) with the same affection as the British. Dogs can be locked away for hours, days
or even months and there are an abundant of stray animals. The British will scorn the Cypriots for their poor treatment but
you need to remember the Cypriots were in Cyprus long before the British and their values differ. Adopting one of the countless stray cats or dogs may at first seem to be a good deed though should you return to the UK you need to consider the cost (should you decide to keep the animal) of transporting your pet. You will need a pet passport, vaccinations and find an airline that will carry the animal, the cost could excess euros 1,000.

Uncontrolled dogs which bark constantly day and night can be very upsetting for nearby home owners, a Paphos based website has been setup to try and tackle this problem.

Sadly, deliberate poisoning of cats and dogs is common though in general Veterinary care is reasonable and sometimes, if acted upon quickly a poisoned animal can be saved.

(It is worth noting poison left in open public places to deliberately kill dogs, cats and other wildlife can also be extremely harmful to humans, especially young children should they come into contact with the contaminated object.)

Veterinary fees are generally cheaper in Cyprus than the UK therefore many pet owners do not purchase pet Insurance However, you need to budget for the cost to transport your pet(s) to Cyprus (and the return costs should you return to the UK) which can be considerable.

Wildlife - There is a variety of wildlife in Cyprus, many not seen in the UK. You will need to accept they have been in Cyprus long before you arrived and they have no intention in leaving. Very common are snakes including venomous species, even living in a populated area you will see snakes. Always take precaution to check flower beds etc before gardening. Snakes have also been found in homes, garages, sheds, swimming pools and pool houses. They do bite if cornered though snake bites are generally rare, there is a simple reason for this, the first glimpse of a snake will see the human hurrying away in the opposite direction !. Other creatures include an array of spiders (including tarantulas), bats, mice / rats, goats and donkeys. Insects (which are sometimes referred to as “no-see-eems”) and mosquitoes can be very annoying during the summer months.

There are certain months each year when hunting is allowed, a very popular sport in Cyprus. Woodpigeon, turtle doves, hare, partridge along with some types of ducks are all hunted and shot. You should be aware of this period as straying into hunting areas could be exceedingly bad for your health !.

The sea in generally safe and warm in the summer months. Sharks have been captured though are rare. Jellyfish are an occasional problem. Keep a lookout for warning notices on the beach if you want to swim.


> Animals
Pets and Animals in Paphos
Medical Care
Cypriots do not care for pets with the same affection as the British.
A Personal View
>MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......lenient sentencing of a man who fatally stabbed a dog

>APR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......An 11-year-old girl is in hospital with head injuries after she was attacked by a neighbour’s dog

> MAR 17: PAPHOS FORUM.....There is a Snake warning today in Paphos Press

> FEB 17: PAPHOS FORUM.....We need our snakes, They kill the vermin, Long they may be here

> DEC 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I'm sick and tired of all the cruelty towards animals all the time.

>DEC 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A man was questioned in connection with a dog having been thrown over a balcony of a block of flats

> SEP 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I'm astounded at the cost involved In flying our small dog back to the UK.

> SEP 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Don't know any dog owners who have licences

> AUG 16: PAPHOS is that time of the year again and the Cypriot "Rednecks" were out in force this morning shooting at anything that moved

> AUG 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Discovered 4 cockroaches yesterday in the bathrooms

> JUL 16: PAPHOS FORUM......seem to be getting a lot of the big cockroaches

> APR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I live at the edge of a conservation area. All through the hunting season, virtually all hunters stand on the road outside the area and send their dogs into the conservation area

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Nicosia police on Thursday confirmed that they were investigating the alleged senseless killing of a dog

> APR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......We have a new unwanted friend (snake) next door

> FEB 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Anyone with animals be aware that two cats near the Casa Luna restaurant were poisoned

> FEB 16: PAPHOS FORUM......My sister is in hospital after been attacked by a large dog

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Conditions the majority of animals in Cyprus live in, are unacceptable and are in dire need of improvement,

> JAN 16: PAPHOS FORUM......we often live close to neighbors and sound carries far in Cyprus that barking dogs are a real nuisance

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......two large black snakes slugging it out apparently over territory, in the middle of the road for around ten minutes

> DEC 15: PAPHOS FORUM......are you saying there is a Parvo epidemic currently in Cyprus?...............Yes - that's what the vets and animal charities are warning,

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A bird protection campaign in Cyprus has seen 36 bird trappers arrested

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Residents of Tala have raised concerns after blue cylindrical containers filled with rat poison have appeared in the area

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Its terrible, cant walk your dog in case the dog eats poison.

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Hunting Season - We told one guy to bugger off, 30 m away from ours, he said move your house!!

> NOV 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A group of ten hunters allegedly got into a scrap with a father and his two sons

> OCT 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Over the last year our development has become overrun with Ferrell cats

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The owner of an unsupervised dog that attacked a 5-year-old child was fined

> OCT 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......I have seen the infamous blunt nose viper in the wild several times.

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Four cases of venomous snake bites were recorded have at Paphos general hospital in the last few days

> SEP 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Caution, one dog has died due to poisoning

> SEP 15: PAPHOS FORUM......A number of dogs and puppies have been stolen lately

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Our complex owners are now at wits end with all of the pigeon poo

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......The island of BARKING DOGS.

> JUN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Now searching for new rental property without barking dogs.

> JUN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......he quite unashamedly told us that he regularly laid down poison.

> JUN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......My dog got poisoned

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Just heard a large dog was poisoned

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A dog owner has been fined €550 after complaints from a neighbour that constant barking affected her quality of life.

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Animal Party of Cyprus (APC) is now officially a political party

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......1 dog dead and 3 more fighting for their lives at the Vets (poisoning)

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......just had a very very close encounter with a fully grown adult blunt nosed viper

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I know of a number of cases whereby Brits have returned to the UK and just dumped their "beloved" pets on the streets,

> APR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......the retired professor was arrested after tying his dog to the car and dragging it to its death.

> MAR 15: CYPRUS FORUM......Of course there is poisoning here in Cyprus LOTS of it.

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Just to warn everybody.. A puppy has been... poisoned

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 66–year-old man was jailed for two months for killing his dog by tying it to a car and dragging it through the streets

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......much of the poisoning is carried out by the hunters themselves

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......As far as I can see, the dogs are shot, abandoned, thrown from vehicles by these people so surely poisoning by others saves them the inconvenience of getting rid of the dogs.

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Barking Dogs driving us Barking Mad

> JAN 15: PAPHOS bring our cats back to the UK. None of the airlines are cheap

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......had to shout out to the hunters to move away from our house a number of times

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I would like to thank the two Cypriot men who stopped their cars recently and came to help an injured dog that had been hit by a car on the Polis Road

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......when your out for your stroll and some dog comes bounding over to you,barking like mad..You almost freeze with fear,you consider your heart is going to fail you

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I don't know what the heck they are shooting at! There can't be much game left now.

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......nowhere guaranteed to be 'safe' here for dogs in Cyprus as there have been reports of poisonings in almost every area

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......if moving to this sunny island to check your prospective neighbours out both night and day for barking dogs dogs it really is a problem here.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......plenty of gunfire around us today......too near to the house for my liking.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Well, it's the first Sunday of the hunting season.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......a freinds dog has been poisoned

> OCT 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The Animal Party said on Tuesday it was unable to keep up with the recent spate of dog poisonings

> OCT 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Our cat passed away today, from symptoms consistent with poisoning

> SEP 14: PAPHOS some are saying I cannot take my pooch into my favourite cafe, honestly some people have sad lives,

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......3 of us in the house were up at 3am the night before last having been woken by non-stop yapping.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Please do not kill Tarantulas, they are harmless.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Our Cypriot nieghbours (lovely people) every couple of months buy two dogs (not one ) and tie them to a tree approx thirty metres form our bedroom window.They bark from around 6.30 in the morning till about 9.00pm at night.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......If you take your dog across to the North - you will not be allowed to bring him back.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......there are quite a lot more snakes out there than usual

> JUl 14: CYPRUS FORUM......Waiting at the end of my driveway this morning. Been told it was a blunt nosed viper.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......For the first time since we have been here we have a problem with cockroaches.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......My cat was taken to the vets today and found out that he had been shot

> JUN 14: PAPHOS is illegal to walk you dog on any beach in Cyprus

> JUN 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos hunting dog owner and trainer reported four of his dogs had been deliberately poisoned and called on the police to take action.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....My cat was shot twice last night.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....I know that there are many people like me who suffer inordinate disturbance from barking dogs,

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....One of the stray cats that I regularly feed, was shot and has a shattered pelvis.

> APR 14: CYPRUS FORUM.....Out walking with some friends and their dogs earlier when one of the dogs was bitten by a snake.

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....last week a black whip snake crossed our path and it was at least five foot long!!!

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....processionary caterpillars- very damaging to your pets if they ingest or stick their noses too close. Dog walkers beware.

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....I cannot see what the hoo ha here is all about recently over bird hunting and shooting.

> MAR 14: PAPHOS not come out here if you are like me very fond of animals.. Certainly not a animal friendly island, not in any way!

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....The culture here in Cyprus towards animals leaves much to be desired.

> FEB 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Saw my first snake of the year yesterday (4 foot whip snake)
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> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Was moving the rockery, or rather digging up boulders to make a more wife approved retaining wall when, shock, horror, this snake appeared......We had five in the pool one year, and regularly find them baked on the patio or path.

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....just before Christmas 2 very brave Ladies Raised over €1500 with a Parachute jump,this money is going to help with the spaying & neutering of as many of the kittens as can be done.

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM.....Please be careful in this area some malaka has put poison down in yoghurt pots.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....When we had our cats poisoned nearly 2 years ago,this we did report to the police they just about laughed at us,no sorry they dont give a toss.

> DEC 13: CYPRUS PRESS......A snake and reptile expert believes he has found a rare non-venomous snake in Paphos which has never before been seen in Cyprus.

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....We have more than our share of barking dogs in our village, we live near to two dog compounds, I wonder why at times Cypriots have dogs, just to get on peoples nerves I guess,

> NOV 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....So the new hunting season has started..... Shots started at about 5.30 am in the ravine below my house shattering the usual peace and quiet of the dawn.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM.....The fisheries department have several sightings and capture of great whites around Cyprus, usually, during tuna season, but prefer to keep it quiet for obvious reasons.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Lots of sharks in Pafos waters, the Son in law used to fish for them, but it is now outlawed.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Some very potent poison has been laid in the West side of Kallepia village. This can be eaten or inhaled and can be disguised in a number of ways. The newest apparently is to hide it in dog poo waiting for another animal to inhale it.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......his surgery looks like a bomb has hit it but he is a very competent vet and I trust him implicitly with my pets.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......A few months ago someone was trying to shoot a dog with a shot gun in our driveway.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Some clever SOB is poisoning animals in Petridia area (Angelos Kiosk, Sids Taverna, Apostolos Andreas Gymnasium area). Just found my cat dead outside my gate. Please beware where you taking your animals for a walk and please, beware where your kids are playing.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Seems to be more rats about this year, the four legged ones I mean, the dog has killed three in the last two days that makes about nine in the last few weeks.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Just to clear this up it is in fact illegal to lay poison down, also to sell or buy it, the law was put into effect some years ago, but like many laws here openly flaunted.

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Our 3 dogs Nero German shepherd 4 yrs, poppy hunting dog 2 yrs & Zeus German shepherd x hunting dog were all murdered in our garden with poison.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Hate to say this but for those living in Peyia with pets I saw a cat poisoned so please watch out on walks.Evil sods!

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......We have just witnessed our neighbour run over one of his dogs (a puppy) - he dragged it out from under the car and just threw it to one side and drove off.

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......OK I dislike the hunters but we all have to remember they were doing this long before we arrived, it is part of their lives and we should put up with it.

> JUN 13: PAPHOS PRESS......A man charged with viciously beating a dog in June 2012. In Lemba, a local resident yesterday reported the poisoning of four dogs and 15 cats, which were found dead near the village’s elementary school infuriating local residents.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Has anyone got any ideas on how to stop snakes coming into my garden? i have 2 young children and this week have had 2 grey snakes about 2ft long enter my garden.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Just to warn everyone who lives or walks their animals around the Venus Beach complex off TOTK by Faros beach - AT LEAST 5 cats and a dog have been poisoned here in the last week or so.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......If you are looking for only dog friendly places you are maybe looking at the wrong island.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Our friends in Pissouri took their two dogs for a walk and one was poisoned.

> FEB 13: CYPRUS PRESS......The Fisheries Department is warning fishermen, fish-eaters and even bathers to take note of the fact that the somewhat toxic ‘common lionfish’ or ‘devil firefish’ has found its way to the Eastern Mediterranean and has probably reached the waters of Cyprus by travelling via the popular Suez Canal.

> FEB 13: PAPHOS FORUM......My dog has been poisoned. It is either small dog biscuits or tin dog food LACED with strong poison so the vet says.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I have just come from walking our dog in the area of Coral bay having picked up lots of poisoned chicken pieces.

> DEC 12: PAPHOS FORUM......Had to post it here just to DRAW attention to how LOW SCUM can sink. The Tala Monastery Cat shed where food is stored,has been broken into and about 40 kg of cat food has been stolen, this has got to be about as low as you can get stealing food from cats.
And to the SCUM that have stolen any or all of the above, Hope you have a truly awful Christmas,and an even worse new year forever.

> NOV 12: PAPHOS FORUM......Hunting Season - Some nutter sitting on the hillside overlooking our house and shooting over our house. Every so often there's the pitter patter of falling shot landing on the patio.

> NOV 12: PAPHOS FORUM......Dog walking - Unfortunately always have to be aware that poison might be about and snakes lurking in the summer - although the ones we've seen are as eager to get out of our way as we are of theirs! But that's the same anywhere you might go!

> NOV 12: PAPHOS FORUM......I have seen them before but not that many, Tranchulas, I was just going to bed and took our dog out for a last walk of the day when opening our front door I came eye to eye with this huge spider, no kidding it was the size of a small mouse with short furry legs half the size of your open hand, even the dog backed off.

> OCT 12: PAPHOS FORUM......On going problem on the island, (animals and pets being poisoned) it is illegal but do not mention it to the police, we have a locally bobby who had his lovely dog poisoned last year, so what chance do the rest of us have?

> SEP 12: PAPHOS FORUM......Our Cat didn't come in as normal this morning, found him lying under a tree barely moving. We immediately took him to the local vet who examined him and suggested he had been shot.

> AUG 12: PAPHOS FORUM......The hunting season is here again. From 6am in Pegeia you could hear the gunshots (a bit close for comfort) The dogs were frenzied and this went on till 6pm last night. They shot anything that moves, for fun! They keep the dogs cooped up in cages for the rest of the year then run them into the ground. It really is one of the most detestable aspects of living here along with animal cruelty in general!.

> AUG 12: PRESS REPORT......THREE DOGS were poisoned in the courtyard of a house in Chlorakas, Paphos on Thursday night, adding to three other cases of dog poisoning currently being investigated in Paphos. According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), meat laced with poison was thrown into the yard of the dog owner. Cyprus Mail.

> JUL 12: PAPHOS FORUM......A dog was poisoned in Tala, in the past couple of weeks, at least 8 cats have now been poisoned.

> JUL 12: PAHOS RESIDENT ON FORUM……Dog died from poison picked up whilst walking with its owner.

> MAY 12: PRESS REPORT......A 68-YEAR-OLD man was arrested on suspicion of shooting two dogs in a residential area. Arriving at the scene, police found two injured dogs, which they took to Polis Chrysochous state veterinary service. The on duty vet put them down after concluding that their condition was irreversible. According to police, the 68-year-old confessed to the incident after his arrest. He was charged in writing and released. Polis Chrysochous police is investigating against him charges of illegal possession and transport of explosive material and a hunting rifle outside of the hunting period, shots fired in a residential area and causing death to animals. - Cyprus Mail.
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