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It was not so long ago Cyprus was virtually crime free. Stories abound of a carefree life, homes left unlocked day and
night. Home insurance unheard of, thieves were limited to night time creatures rearranging your waste bin seeking
a midnight snack.

This folklore is remembered fondly by ex-pats and Cypriots alike.

For a number of years Cyprus prospered, executive cars became a customary site on Cypriot roads, bespoke cloths shops
and beauty salons opened, a truly amazing transformation from a once mainly farming region. Land owners and farmers cashed in and sold land that had been in their families for generations to developers and in some cases becoming exceptionally wealthy almost overnight. For a number of years there was a demand for property and the building industry boomed. It seemed everyone benefited and was able to earn a good living.

The flourishing economic times have come to an end, jobs are very difficult to find. With no way of making a living burglaries of residential homes and businesses are now almost a daily occurrence, property alarms are becoming commonplace along with beware of the dog signs, light timers and other deterrents such as security window grilles found on properties in other Mediterranean Countries such as Spain to keep homes safe. Neighbourhood Watch groups have been set up to help try and reduce crime.

You will often read on forums and in other media Cyprus has a low crime rate, with regard to serious crime such as murders this is generally true. However, this is one subject that can be difficult to define and is very much dependent on your own personal morals or how you justify a wrong doing.

Working as a pool cleaner, cash in hand without declaring your income to avoid tax, many would say the Government already tax us enough, does that make it right ?. Using a mobile phone while driving ? Pet cat or dog poisoned, a crime ?. A few garden plastic chairs stolen, criminality behaviour ?. Graffiti ?. If you were mugged is that crime ?. Do you consider theft from cars or homes being burgled is a crime ?. Drinking and driving ?. Arson (which is regularly reported in the press) ?. Illegal drugs ?. If your answer is no to these questions then Cyprus does indeed have a low crime rate.

Many forum contributors urge you to “put crime into perspective” perhaps suggesting being a victim of crime in Paphos really is not that bad, no matter how petty or serious ? Easy to say (or post on a forum). Other forum posts suggest crime is worse in the UK and you should consider yourself fortunate - still not very reassuring. However, you need to remember the UK population is approximately 6000 % more than Cyprus !. If say 12 homes are burgled in Peyia then 721 homes would need to be burgled in a similar sized UK Village over the same period for crime to be worse !

In recent years the Cyprus economy, as with many other European Countries, has weakened and for both Cypriots and non-Cypriots unemployment has increased. Finding work is now extremely difficult and some believe this could be the reason why crime has escalated.

Vehicles are especially vulnerable and valuables should be removed or secured away in the boot, doors are locked and windows are closed when away from the vehicle.

Below are true reported accounts, they are included within this website not to scaremonger but to make you fully aware of the type of crime taking place in Paphos and Cyprus so you can decide what security, if any, is needed to protect your home and family.
Put crime into perspective - is being a victim of crime in Paphos really that bad ?
Not so long ago Cyprus was virtually crime free - burglaries are becoming ever more common.
> Crime in Paphos
A Personal View
> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Not just houses but cars as well they are now smashing windows and taking mobiles

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 38-year-old man was arrested at a Paphos hotel after a girl, aged 10, told her parents he had sexually harassed her in a swimming pool.

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Four people were caught trying to sell laughing gas in Ayia Napa, police confirmed. They were released after being charged but will have to appear in court at a later date.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS careful, vigilant and watchful out there, to break into someone's home at mid day these people do not care

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I have had dealings with police here, (burglary, roadside checks etc). they have been very polite and helpful.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I have called the Cypriot police out twice, once when we were burgled and for a car accident, they were on the scene promptly, polite and very professional in their work

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 17-year-old has been found guilty of manslaughter

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Government announced a slew of measures to combat drug use

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......burgalries seem to be increasing

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......surely this doesn't change the fact that you are viewing channels which legally you are not entitled to view. This applies equally to watching BBC and ITV

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Not just houses but cars as well they are now smashing windows and taking mobiles

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 38-year-old man was arrested at a Paphos hotel after a girl, aged 10, told her parents he had sexually harassed her in a swimming pool.

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Four people were caught trying to sell laughing gas in Ayia Napa, police confirmed. They were released after being charged but will have to appear in court at a later date.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS careful, vigilant and watchful out there, to break into someone's home at mid day these people do not care

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I have had dealings with police here, (burglary, roadside checks etc). they have been very polite and helpful.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I have called the Cypriot police out twice, once when we were burgled and for a car accident, they were on the scene promptly, polite and very professional in their work

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 17-year-old has been found guilty of manslaughter

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Government announced a slew of measures to combat drug use

> JUN 15: CYPRUS charged with stockpiling explosives in Cyprus was jailed for six years

> JUN 15: NATIONAL PRESS......11 fugitives suspected of crimes including drug smuggling, fraud and rape and thought to be hiding in Cyprus

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Police have arrested three people in Paphos for tampering with their electricity meter,

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......child-snatchers are caught trying to kidnap British children at Cyprus hotel

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A man said he was beaten up by driver on Friday and was later hospitalised

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......An electrician has been given an 18-month suspended jail sentence after he was found guilty in connection with the death of a man from electrocution

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Famagusta District Court ordered the two-day remand of a 38-year-old man from Limassol in connection with the alleged abduction and rape of a 30-year-old British woman

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus believes it may have foiled a major explosives attack, a security source said

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 45-year-old man trashed the Welfare Service Offices in Limassol after he was told he was no longer eligible for benefits

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A woman’s car was torched. The vehicle, valued at €6,500, was completely destroyed.

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......The police should be patrolling known black spot areas around the town looking out for unruly behaviour and coming down hard on the culprits

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Police raid illegal currency exchange outlet

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......these people lurck in the shadows at night, they seem to be accepted because it has always gone on here, it is illegal of course but it as far as we are aware never been legally acted on. (poison)

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Thought this company was a bunch of crooks.

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 30 year old woman was stabbed on Friday night after confronting a trespasser

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Limassol District court ordered the remand for six days of an 18-year-old man, in connection with the robbery of a co-operative bank

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 20 year old man, wanted for drug trafficking and reckless driving, is still at large the Cyprus

> APR 15: PAPHOS PRESS......A 26 year old arrested in Paphos for possession and use of drugs with intent to supply.

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......past history of very low crime rates still lull people into a false sense of security...well those days have long gone,

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......there has been a marked increase in burglaries.

> APR 15: PAPHOS POLICE......police patrols had increased in all shopping areas so as to discourage thieves.

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......six women from Nicosia reported their purses being stolen the last ten days.

> APR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 36-year-old man from Paphos was arrested on after attacking and threatening to shoot his estranged wife, 35, police said.

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......My friend had her purse stolen from her handbag

> MAR 15: PAPHOS PRESS......Arson vehicle in Peyia......the fire was malicious because the scene found combustible material.

> MAR 15: PAPHOS PRESS......Paphos: Villas - drug nurseries identified - Approximately 80 cannabis plants 'ripe' for harvest ...

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 24-year-old man was arrested in Paphos for allegedly possessing goods believed to be stolen

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Three suspects, one of whom is underage, were arrested on suspicion of drug possession, intent to sell, and money laundering

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......there have been several burglaries around here recently

> FEB 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 47-year old woman was mugged while she was trying to get into her car, police said.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......the judicial system here as much of a joke as the rest of the government

> FEB 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......Anyone who goes away for the weekend leaving cash in their (Paphos) house.....who also forgets to walk around and check all the locks etc deserves to be burgled to be taught a lesson

> FEB 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A bomb that went off early Monday morning caused extensive damage to a car in Limassol, a police report said.

> FEB 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A house in Paphos, was robbed over the weekend while the owner had been away, a police report said

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......there are some who still believe that corruption only happens in Cyprus

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......several cases going through court with the new fast track small claims system which started in Jan 2015 which is very welcome

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......those who think there's no crime here are wearing rose tinted spectacles, just ask anyone about the number of burglaries in this area.

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......As for corruption in Cyprus- huge problem that pervades very much every aspect of public life and hinders Cyprus' progress in almost all matters

> JAN 15: CYPRUS FORUM......thousands of expats who live permanently in Cyprus but have not registered with the Cypriot authorities as permanent residents and are using a UK address to claim (winter fuel allowance) this allowance.

> JAN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 45-year-old man from Limassol arrested on Monday in connection with the attempted murder of two other men aged 42 and 18

> JAN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Police have arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of possessing child porn.

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The gaols are full so why not let out the relatively low offending criminals and put them on community service

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Fact is that there is so much lawlessness on our beautiful island now that it will take a huge culture change to halt the flow, leave alone stop it

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus is no different to many other Med Countries where back handers, nepotism, abuse of power is rife and tax avoidance is a national sport

> DEC 14: PAPHOS PRESS......“We Cypriots, in general, tend not to follow the law"

> DEC 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Three more arrest warrants were issued on Saturday in connection with the Paphos Sewerage Board (PSB) case

> DEC 14: CYPRUS PRESS......He (Savvas Vergas) is facing charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, conspiracy to defraud, fraud, bribing a state official, abusing authority, money laundering, acquiring assets through unlawful practices, interfering with a criminal investigation, theft and corruption.

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......He and his drunk friend were laughing at scamming an older lady out of 10e.

> NOV 14: SOCIAL MEDIA......It would seem that there is no part of this Island that isn't smothered in corruption.

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......A 72-year-old British man has been remanded in custody for six days in connection with sexually abusing a minor over three decades ago in the UK.

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......A 42-year-old man has been remanded after a warrant was issued against him in connection with the burglary and robbery of a store

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos Mayor Savvas Vergas along with three other will appear before the Paphos district court on December 11, in connection with threatening text messages sent to witnesses in a suspicious land zoning case involving a prominent developer.

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Four men in their twenties are in hospital in serious condition after they were stabbed and injured by the same man during a fight in a night club

> NOV: 14 PAPHOS PRESS......Police fired shots at the tyres of a car carrying two Paphos men who were later arrested for possession of drugs and other offences.

> NOV: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......Three men from Bulgaria are currently in custody following suspicion that they were on the island to carry out assassinations, police said.

> NOV: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......According to police the two men attacked the owner of the betting shop with baseball bats before fleeing with the cash.

> OCT: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......A 47-year-old Russian tourist has claimed he was attacked and robbed by the driver and nurse of an ambulance that was called to transfer him to a private hospital

> OCT: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......A 36-year-old man was jailed for 12 years for possession and intent to supply around 20 kilos of cannabis.

> OCT: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......A 32-year-old man was mugged in Larnaca

> OCT: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......Four diamond necklaces and other valuables worth up to €13,000 were stolen from a home

> OCT: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......A Cypriot man confessed before a Greek court on Tuesday to running a people trafficking ring.

> SEP: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......The police in Paphos is discussing solutions to clamp down on the rising number of thefts and break-ins in Peyia.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......There has been a marked drop in burglaries in the area where I live, thank God. Maybe a combination of monitored house alarms and a CCTV system

> SEP: 14 CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus could see arrests in connection with the collapse of the economy by the end of the year,

> AUG 14: PAPHOS alarm does is make a noise if you get broken into; it won't stop it happening.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......leaving your door open for a friendly neighbour to drop off a basket of oranges is probably not a good idea these days.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......if I was a holidaymaker, I would feel perhaps my belongings may be a little safer in an apartment complex or a hotel

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Electronics, cash, credit cards, jewellery and four UK passports were stolen from a rented villa in Peya,

> AUG 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The man who worked as an estate agent in Paphos, is suspected of pocketing the rent money from homes and shops he managed, instead of giving it to the owners.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......There is a shop in Paphos which usually has a table on which knuckledusters, knives, machetes, swords.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......We never locked our car or house in the UK and didn't in Cyprus until one night things went missing. Now it's locked.

> AUG 14: PAPHOS never to leave anything on view in a car, even the smallest thing.

> AUG 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Five Cypriots face charges of drug trafficking

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......People have to lock their doors when they're in the house as sneak thieves are robbing houses while people are watching TV or having a BBQ.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......sadly it is pretty clear to all that live here, break ins are all to common place. My friends place was broken into this last week

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......any pretence that Cyprus is low crime just does not hold water I am afraid...sad.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......the bas###ds have stolen my 4 chairs in the night...beware they will nick anything not tied down or chained up.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......our village Muchtur has been sent to jail for indecently touching a young child.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......A maisonette on a complex was burgled last night as the occupants (who were tourists) slept.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Beware they are about again, friends of ours were burgled tonight while we were out together.

> JUL 14: CYPRUS FORUM......sad the number of break-ins being reported.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I think on Monday a case of a couple being mugged by four men

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I did hear of a lady in Paphos last week having her bag snatched

> JUN 14: CYPRUS FORUM......My front door lock was vandalised - My car received chewing gum on the bonnet - major respray required !

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I know if you live in Cyprus you can't pay a UK licence fee. Anyway, I was quite happy stealing from the BBC tonight using Hotspot Shield which is free!

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Sadly the days are long gone when you can leave your home doors & windows open and items on show in your car.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......One of my friends dog got shot on their complex whilst standing next to her 8 yr old daughter. Dog survived. Police suggester my friend move in case next time her daughter got hit. !!

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......My son and family came over to stay at a well known hotel and had his laptop stolen out of his room; the lady in the room next door had E500 stolen which totally ruined her holiday. Unfortunately it is happening everywhere

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......if the police did a better job in town there would be less car crime on our streets.but alas. They don't.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......the family who were renting the villa next to mine was broken into, all laptops, phones etc taken.
> JUL 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 25-year-old was charged for the alleged theft of $3,200 as well as jewellery and passports from the room of a hotel

> JUL 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Speed boat stolen from marina

> JUL 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Arrest after home robbed

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Woman stabbed in the back

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 51-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday in connection with the alleged theft

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Burglars threaten mother and daughter with a knife

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 24-year-old man was remanded for five days by Paphos district court in connection with an arson attack on two vehicles.

> JUN 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......we need more police patrols and more neighbourhood watch areas

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos family tied up, attacked in own home

> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Four tourists from were remanded for five days for allegedly attacking and causing grievous bodily harm

> MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police have arrested a 39-year-old Polish man wanted in his country for a string of burglaries

> MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Police on arrested a 42-year-old man, a resident of Paphos, in connection with the possession and dissemination of child pornography.

> MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 50-year-old woman was assaulted and robbed of cash

> MAY 17: PAPHOS FORUM......Attempted burglary in Tala last night

> MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Two men were arrested at Paphos airport for carrying 28 kilos of untaxed tobacco in their luggage,

>MAY 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......It would appear corruption runs amok, Ministers, Mayors, doctors, developers, bankers

>MAY 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Dutch woman arrested in connection with child abduction

> APR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Police are investigating the attempted murder of a 39-year-old woman

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Drugs arrest in Peyia

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A 33-year-old man was physically attacked and robbed in his home

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Police are investigating whether a pistol located on in Geroskipou, in Paphos had been used in criminal activities.

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Jewellery, electronic devices and cash worth €96,000 in total were stolen from an apartment

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......four men were arrested while they were trying to break into a souvenir shop

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......A man robbed € 100 at knifepoint from a Limassol bakery

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Police urged homeowners and small businesses to start taking preventative measures against burglary and robbery after around 100,000 was taken overnight from a Limassol house, and a bakery was robbed at knifepoint.

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Two jailed, including bases police officer, for drug offences

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Three men were arrested in Limassol after shots were fired at two neighbouring residences

> FEB 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Two police officers jailed recently for corruption

> JAN 17: PAPHOS FORUM......Most of the crime here is committed by Cypriots, according to the news reports.

> JAN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Three British men were remanded for eight days by a court in Paphos on Tuesday, after cannabis, cocaine, and cash was found in their possession.

> DEC 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Thieves stole a pay machine from a Paphos petrol station

> DEC 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Police are searching for a 25-year-old man in connection with a murder case

> DEC 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A man is due to appear in court in connection with the killing

> DEC 16 PAPHOS FORUM......Bomb goes off in Emba

> DEC 16 CYPRUS PRESS......a 27-year-old man from Romania wanted in connection with a string of burglaries

> DEC 16 CYPRUS PRESS......A Limassol pub in the Ayios Ioannis area was bombed in the early hours of Saturday morning

> DEC 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Police are investigating a spate of arson that targeted four cars

> NOV 16 CYPRUS PRESS......A 51-year-old resident of Paphos who was arrested on Sunday in connection with a series of break ins and thefts

> NOV 16 CYPRUS PRESS......A 38-year-old man was arrested in Paphos on Tuesday in connection with a case of robbery, issuing threats, and other offences

> NOV 16 CYPRUS PRESS......A man was remanded in Limassol on Wednesday for five days in connection with the bombing of a car belonging to the ex-girlfriend

> NOV 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Police announced the arrest of a Nicosia man in connection with multiple arson attacks

> NOV 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......If the police were out more often patrolling the street, they would catch more people

> OCT 16 PAPHOS FORUM......I am always surprised that more burglaries are not committed

> OCT 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Two men were remanded for four days each by the Paphos court

> SEP 16 PAPHOS FORUM......neighbour was broken into last night

> SEP 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Police are investigating a case of theft of €2,500 and a credit card

> SEP 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Computers and other electronics worth €2,000, as well as jewellery of as-yet unknown value, were stolen from a Russian permanent resident of Cyprus’ apartment

> AUG 16 PAPHOS FORUM......Drug bust in Pegeia

> JUL 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Four men were remanded in custody for 24 hours on Saturday in connection with a series of offences including assault, car theft

> JUL 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......These burglars are all over the Island

> JUL 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Foreign burglary gang targeting luxury homes

> JUL 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos district court Tuesday remanded for eight days a 35-year-old Nicosia woman suspected of obtaining money under false pretences.

> JUL 16 CYPRUS PRESS......Man jailed for sexually abusing a minor

> MAY 16 PAPHOS FORUM......I have an alarm system and safe fitted and always ensure my property is secured...why... because it is blatantly obvious that crime on the island is on the increase

> MAY 16 PAPHOS FORUM......I'm starting to become concerned by all the media reports of burglaries

> MAY 16 PAPHOS FORUM......a lot of the robberies are taking place in Coral Bay and Sea Caves

> MAY 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......To think that crime used to be so low on this beautiful island

> MAY 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Two unknown individuals assaulted a 56-year-old woman in Paphos and stole her bag

> MAY 16: CYPRUS PRESS......The head of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) department of the Nicosia General Hospital was arrested on Friday for suspicion of taking bribes

> MAY 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Two state doctors arrested on suspicion of corruption were on Saturday remanded in custody

> APR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......We have a neighbour who has installed cameras, alarms, reinforced doors and security locks, locked garden gates, shutters, you name it. Guess what? He was burgled.

> APR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A large amount of cocaine seized on Sunday at Larnaca airport

> APR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Two foreign nationals were remanded on Friday in connection to smuggling two minors

> MAR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Burglars in the Timi area of Paphos

> MAR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Local radio presenter charged with child sex abuse

> MAR 16: PAPHOS have less chance of being murdered in Cyprus

> MAR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......An 80-year-old man murdered his 77-year-old estranged wife at her home

> MAR 16: PAPHOS neighbours house was broken into and the truck parked on the drive was stolen.

> FEB 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I remember seeing something recently about a young couple with a young baby that moved house & all their goods were stolen.

> FEB 16: PAPHOS FORUM......the burglary rate in Paphos is unacceptable

> FEB 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A 65-year-old man denied six charges relating to the attempted murder

> FEB 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Sixty wedding dresses and other wedding accessories, such as tiaras, wreaths, and shoes, worth over €90,000 were stolen from a store

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......A man was injured when he was shot twice in a supermarket parking lot

> JAN 16: PAPHOS FORUM......I know a number of homeowners who have dogs and were still broken into

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Two Greek nationals were sentenced to 10 and eight years in jail Larnaca for trafficking almost ten kilograms of cannabis

> JAN 16: SOCIAL MEDIA......Well done to the official for not caving in and reported these thugs who are typical of how things are done in the Wild West of Cyprus.

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Three suspects were arrested in Paphos in connection with sending a threatening message to the head of the Paphos road transport department.

> DEC 15: PAPHOS FORUM......there has been a group approaching people in car parks selling dodgy phones for ages,

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......To avoid being burgled at home, home owners should ensure that the home is locked and keys are not left in the locks. Money, jewellery and other valuables should be kept in a safe. Other measures include cooperation with neighbours, installing an alarm system and securing doors, windows and skylights.

> DEC 15: PAPHOS FORUM......if a woman is alone in a place like a car park you do need to be a bit careful. Even in Paphos which we generally think of as a safe place.

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Two siblings and their mother, 52, held in Paphos in connection with trafficking 786 grammes of cocaine

> DEC 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Be warned if you are offered any cheap cameras as (the camera shop) shop was robbed last night

> DEC 15: PAPHOS FORUM......A bookies was targeted this time and it went off, where are they getting these grenades from

> NOV 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Police in Paphos are investigating an attempted destruction of property after an unexploded hand grenade was found next to a residence

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......The thieves broke into a property whilst the owner was abroad

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Police have now arrested two people in connection with these burglaries

> NOV 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 65-year-old man was remanded for eight days in connection with the attempted murder of a fellow villager

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 62-year-old man from Paphos was remanded in custody for three days on Friday in connection with posing as a lawyer and defrauding people.

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A water sports operator has reported to police he suffered over €7,000 in damage to his boats and other equipment, which were apparently vandalised overnight.

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Two people were found guilty on Thursday for trafficking a mother of four

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A young man in a car injured a policeman early on Saturday, while trying to escape an alcohol test, a police report said.

> OCT 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 30-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man were remanded for seven days on Friday in Paphos, in connection with the stabbing of two men aged 47 and 52

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A tourist from Lithuania has reported she was attacked and robbed

> SEP 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Two homes were burgled

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A 47-year-old man from Paphos was arrested in his home on Thursday in connection with an attempted murder

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police were investigating a shooting incident, which saw a 26-year-old Georgian man hospitalised. Police were treating the incident as attempted murder.

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Education Minister has removed a 49-year-old high-school teacher who is accused of sexual harassment.

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police are investigating the apparent attempted murder of a 26-year-old man who was found shot outside the Paphos Mall.

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Two police officers seen on video beating a man

> AUG 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......every year at the start of the holiday there is a spate of break ins

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos police have arrested two people on suspicion of illegally possessing 160 packets of cigarettes for which no tax had been paid.

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Any recommendations for preventing terrace furniture like a rattan sofa being stolen from a ground floor terrace?

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......A jewellery store was robbed

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The number of people arrested for human trafficking in Cyprus is expected to triple by the end of the year,

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......we invested in metal fences, electric gates, window grilles, alarms, cameras...........peace of mind is priceless.

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......My security (including alarm, window grilles, cameras, top quality anti-snap locks etc)

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......burgalries seem to be increasing

> JUL 15: PAPHOS FORUM......surely this doesn't change the fact that you are viewing channels which legally you are not entitled to view. This applies equally to watching BBC and ITV
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So, Let’s Begin
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and farmers cashed in and sold land that had been in their families for generations
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