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Lets get straight to the point, the cost of living in Cyprus. Should you decide to place your two children in private (paid for)
education you will need to budget for a family annual income of around euros 50,000pa. For your first year you will also
need to budget for one month’s advance rent (if renting) and shipping costs. (unless you are going to start your new
life with one suitcase)

Cyprus sought a financial bailout from the Eurozone (2013) to save the Country from bankruptcy which will result in austerity
measures. For many financial hardship and difficult times lay ahead.

"I kept reading on forums Cyprus has a much lower cost of living than the UK, it was these postings that finally convinced me to move to Paphos. In the UK I was a postman and got by, nothing grand but could afford to buy the weekly shopping and pay the bills. We lasted two years in Paphos, I just could not find any work, we used all our savings to pay for my Son’s education, towards the end we were just barely getting by, no government hand outs here !. We had to borrow money from family to pay for our return flights to the UK. My advice, don’t be fooled by these forum posters into thinking that living in Paphos will be cheaper than the UK. The true cost of living should only be compared against the level of salary you can earn."

Many forums posts suggest Cyprus is a cheaper place to live than the UK. Perhaps for the retired this may be true though for families the actual cost of living can be as much as 80% more than the UK.


Of course, the cost of living is dependent on many factors, parents with one child who decide to place him/her in a state school will need an income of approximately euros 25,000pa. If you own your Cyprus property, mortgage free, use the General hospital for medical care, live a simple life, do not travel to the UK to visit family/friends and send your children to state school then it could be possible to survive on an income of euros 15,000 per year.

Consider this example: In the UK you have a joint (wife and husband) family income of UK pounds 45,000 per year. Your children attend the local state school. You move to Cyprus, find employment though your joint family income is now euros 25,000 per year. Most services, food and goods in Cyprus are at least the same cost as the UK therefore the cost of living in Cyprus is now approximately 80% more compared with the UK. You decide to send your children to a private (paid for) school, include these fees for 2 children, now calculate the net difference between your UK income and your Cyprus income / additional fees. The true cost of living in Cyprus is approximately 300% more than the UK. A basic example perhaps and open to debate but an important fact you should not dismiss.

A once booming Cyprus economy meant good times for everyone. Prior to adopting the Euro Cyprus was considered an inexpensive place to live. Things have changed and for many difficult financial times lay ahead. Many families have decided to return to the UK, mainly due to either expensive/poor education, a lack of financial income or both. If you enjoy a daily British newspaper (euros 2.00), a morning cup of coffee and some breakfast this alone will set you back euros 1,000 per year.

Jobs are extremely difficult to find and many ex-pats have no choice but to divert their working time to “Property Maintenance” pool cleaning, gardening and general maintenance to provide a basic income. Bar work is a possibility during the summer holiday season though many of the bars, restaurants and hotels close throughout the winter period. Some professional positions can still be found though salaries are generally a third of UK salaries. Working in the local supermarket, 6 days per week you can expect to earn around euros 700.00 per month. Qualified teachers from euros 500.00 to euros 1,200 per month. If you are offered employment make sure the Company has the correct trading licence, you will also need to be registered for social security and depending on the role you are provided with the appropriate clothing / equipment.

Many ex-pats start their own businesses and work for themselves though any successful / original idea will be copied. Think very carefully before buying a business, perhaps you have dreamed of owning a bar sipping cocktails with customers in the evenings and relaxing by the beach in the afternoons. The reality is normally very different. Exceptionally long hours and exhausting work throughout the summer period with little trade during the winter months. Many bars / restaurants have ceased trading, in part due to hotels offering all inclusive deals.

Meals out have become expensive, a family of four can expect to pay between euros 60.00 to well over euros 100.00 for a two course meal with some drinks. If your children are keen on sports this can be expensive, for example, joining a football club will cost you euros 500.00 per year per child. Tennis lessons will be similar.

Cars are especially expensive, expect to pay around 30% more for second hand cars. Importing your car from the UK can be done though Cyprus Customs demand an almost endless trail of paperwork. Plus, depending on your circumstances you may also have to pay import duty.

An important consideration is visiting family in the UK, a once yearly visit for a family of four can cost around euros 1,000 or more for return flights. Many people talk of a poor exchange rate as for the reason Cyprus is now expensive but this is very misleading. For most people who relocate to Cyprus they will be earning a living there. The exchange rate is then irrelevant.

Cyprus has the highest number of foreign nationals living on the island as a percentage of population than any other EU member state, most will be seeking employment, this in turn drives down wages.

Misuse of local government funds as reported in the press: Peyia Municipal is in a dire financial situation though they financially supported Peyia Football Club, a privately own business. According to press reports the Council invested over euros 800,000. The club is now bankrupt (2013).

The following is only a guide:-
Average monthly living costs (net) for a
family of 4

Rent: euros 500.00
Weekly Food: euros 600.00 (euros 138.00 per week)
School fees: euros 1,200.00 (x 2 children)

Light / heat / phone / internet : euros 220.00
Petrol: euros 130.00 (euros 30.00 per week)
Medical care: euros 150.00 (euros 35 per week for a family of 4)
Sports clubs: euros 100.00
Weekly meal out: at euros 60 per meal for 4 persons = euros 240.00

Total per month: euros 3,140.00
(Note: the above does not include / budget for trips to the UK, car insurance / tax, pool maintenance / chemicals and home insurance)

> Economy
Cost of living in Cyprus - up to 80% more than the UK - Work is extremely difficult to find and can be poorly paid
Medical Care
Prior to adopting the Euro Cyprus was considered an inexpensive place to live.
A Personal View
> JUN 14: CYPRUS FORUM......In the present economic situation, it's always advisable to have a job lined up before you leave the UK, unless you take enough savings to last you at least a year.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS may be cheap for some to live here but for the vast majority it is an expensive place.

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......We are so sorry to hear you are closing down and that you couldn't sell the business - such a competitive market

> JUN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......High prices in a declining market = business failure, enough said!

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Most things are now available on the island, but mostly all are more expensive than the UK.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......branded electrical goods are dearer in Cyprus, yes you can buy cheaper, but not necessarily as safe or hard wearing

> MAY 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The rate of unemployment in Cyprus increased to 17.4% in March, from 16.8% in February and 43.2% among young people up to 25 years old.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......We have M & S, Debenhams and Next here but the prices are invariably 30%+ higher than in the UK and the choice is very limited.

> MAY 14: PAPHOS FORUM......This is a small Island and just about everything is imported. Items here are expensive. Including -furniture,clothes, cars,electrical items,computer etc.

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Gizza job.

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Drive up or down the Mesogi (Polis) road many of the shops are closed or closing down, and yet they are still building new outlets, why?

> APR 14: PAPHOS FORUM......What annoys me is when Brits say "I paid €*** for something that costs 25% of the price in the UK!".. We are not in the UK

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The amount of restaurants and bars that have closed down is unbelievable,

> MAR 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I cannot seriously see an employee suing his boss in Cyprus, it luckly not the sue em culture of the UK.

> MAR 14: CYPRUS PRESS......During the same period (2000-2012) tourism to Cyprus has not grown at all, decreasing by eight per cent over this period.

> FEB 14: PAPHOS FORUM....just how much do you think you will need to live on for (say) one year? Can you bring that much with you? If not, think hard. If you can bring sufficient backup funds, than come over and see how it goes.

> FEB 14: PAPHOS FORUM....Make sure before you make any decisions that you check first whether there is a call for this sort of thing or whether there are already such businesses run by Cypriots. They don't like competition.

> FEB 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Unemployment in Cyprus reached a new record high in January 2014, with 52,783 unemployed people registered, compared to 50,467 in December 2013.

> FEB 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Letters of guarantee from Cypriot banks are no longer acceptable abroad, causing major problems to local construction companies trying to secure contracts in other countries.

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......could anyone please recommend someone who does pool maintenance and someone who can do basic gardening......There are at least 1,000 people in Pegeia who do this work!

> JAN 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The usual Cypriot thing is when a new venture is doing well, open up another next door!

> JAN 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus recorded a rate of deflation in 2013 of -0.4 per cent for the first year since 1964, according to data published by the Statistical Service.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I have just spoken with a Greek Cypriot lady who is adamant that the Troika are trying to get the government to deduct 10% from ALL Cyprus bank accounts (rich and poor alike)

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......In the grand scale of things I don't see the sale of a few houses in Paphos making a dent in the economic recovery alas! The words horse, stable, bolted and closing spring to mind.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Over the past year, around 20-25% of our sales were to Russians.

> DEC 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Of course a markup is expected, (food items) but approaching 300% on some items is having a laugh.

> OCT 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I know they're not the only hotel that is full that doesn't pay the staff - disgusting but what can you do?!

> SEP 13: PAPHOS FORUM......the number of empty properties up the Polis road is staggering,such a great shame.

> SEP 13: CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus recorded the largest decrease in employment both quarterly and annually, in the second quarter of 2013, according to data released by Eurostat.

> AUG 13: CYPRUS FORUM......your NVQ qualification will not be recognised, it is only a UK qualification and you do need to speak Cypriot Greek or perhaps Russian for any chance of any employment.

> AUG 13: CYPRUS FORUM......A few years ago it was easier to at least pick up some part time work in the tourist industry but now with so many Cypriots out of work these jobs will more and more be going to them (Cypriots look after their own).

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Sorry to be so blunt but anyone coming here with a view to getting a job and finances not already confirmed is totally bonkers!

> AUG 13: PAPHOS FORUM......To come to Cyprus to work from the UK would be a very brave choice in the current financial climate.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus will lose out big time and not just in the short term, who in their right minds would invest into Cyprus now? even if you sell your home to move back you cannot take your cash with you.

> JUL 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Sorry to see the UK type outlets going one by one. Sadly though there were too many, all opening at the same time in a contracting market.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Its increasingly very difficult for businesses to make any kind of profit in the current financial climate in Cyprus.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I have really been trying to think of a business that Cyprus needs and to be honest I'm stumped.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......This is not the time to set up a business in Paphos believe me. I have been self employed for 11 years here and I know it's extremely difficult anyway to get established here and with the crisis it's almost impossible.

> MAY 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus has many good points and also many minus points, just like any other country. If you have to work here to survive, seriously re consider.

> APR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The situation is dire, for most retailers, especially in Paphos.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......I' m sorry but I really find it hard to be sympathetic to people with children who will gamble with their futures by moving to a strange country without the assurance of a very well paid job to come. It is the children who will suffer the most with their lives turned upside down.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......The other day I was driving along the road to Trimi (from the Polis Rd) and couldn't believe all the empty shops.

> MAR 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Just got our electricity bill, talk about made-up numbers. At this rate Cyprus will be funding the Troika!

> MAR 13: Cyprus Press......National carrier Cyprus Airways (CY) more than doubled its losses last year to €55.8 million, hit by falling passenger figures and freight earnings, the company said.

> FEB 13: PAPHOS FORUM......Let's face it, Paphos and indeed Cyprus has a much higher rate of unemployment now than previously, and there is virtually no state aid,or unemployment beneifit. The situation is bad at present and some rise in crime is almost inevitable.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......We found running c/h with oil and buying logs very expensive, thus moved to lower area which is better in the winter but not so good in the summer heat; ideally choose your home wisely, the electricity bills can cripple those who aren't careful.

> JAN 13: PAPHOS FORUM......At one time there was around 6 monthly magazines in Paphos. The reason will undoubtedly be the number of business advertisers that have folded, or service providers who've gone back to the UK.

> JAN 13: PRESS REPORT......The biggest supermarket chain is insolvent and its fate is in the hand of its creditors, some of whom stand to lose several millions if it is left to sink.

> DEC 12: PRESS REPORT......The worsening state of the Cyprus’ economy and the growing political and economic uncertainty across the eurozone led to a pronounced slowdown in mortgage and corporate lending and a further rise in the rate of unemployment,”
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 businesses have ceased trading, in part due to hotels offering all inclusive deals.
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> JUN 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Tourism could stimulate Cyprus’ struggling economy

> MAR 17: CYPRUS PRESS......Economy will not withstand a repeat of past mistakes, OEB says

> FEB 17: PAPHOS FORUM......Paphos most expensive place to shop, survey reveals

> JAN 17: SOCIAL MEDIA......year on year increase (unemployment) is not a good sign and one that suggests the economy is in a lot more trouble

> NOV 16: PAPHOS FORUM......No wonder there is so much poverty and hardship when a days labour is only valued at 20-30 Euros.

> OCT 16: PAPHOS FORUM......the country in the financial mess

> OCT 16: CYPRUS PRESS......The UK market remains the main source of wedding tourism accounting for 50 per cent of the 4,000 ceremonies that take place annually in Cyprus,

> JUL 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Interest rates on new deposits fell in May from April on accounts held by both households and companies

> MAY 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Let us be optimistic. After all, the economy can't fall much further, can it?

> MAR 16: PAPHOS FORUM......So many furniture shops in Paphos, chasing so few customers

> MAR 16: CYPRUS PRESS......the banking sector has shed 2,000, or 20 per cent of its employees,

> FEB 16: PAPHOS FORUM......Cyprus having an overvalued currency and high unemployment will drive local prices down

> FEB 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Consumer prices fell 1.3 per cent in January

> FEB 16: CYPRUS PRESS......Paphos looks set to encourage more Ukrainian travellers to the town

> JAN 16: CYPRUS PRESS......some factors in China, could have a considerable impact in Cyprus via various channels, such as real estate or tourism.

> DEC 15: CYPRUS PRESS......The Central Bank of Cyprus was “surprised” to find out that the Bank of Cyprus’ capital shortfall

> NOV 15: PAPHOS FORUM......What has or is happening to the British food/goods shops in Cyprus? It seems many are closing down and now are becoming a real rarity.

> OCT 15: PAPHOS FORUM......employment is an incredibly precarious matter in Cyprus. Employers often renege on contracts, wages and terminate employees at will.

> SEP 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I'm afraid those cheap days have long gone

> SEP 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Tourism revenue drop due to shorter stays and fall in Russian arrivals

> AUG 15: PAPHOS FORUM......There's just too many bars not enough people so competition is tough

> AUG 15: PAPHOS is hard these days for the smaller bars cafes etc to make a decent living.

> AUG 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Tourism revenue fall is down to shorter holidays

> AUG 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......We too want high class tourists and not the cheap type that walk around naked…come eat at McDonalds,

> JUL 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Energy regulator CERA expects electricity prices to rise

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......All-inclusive hotel holidays, especially in Paphos, have become a reality in Cyprus but pose risks for the sustainability of tourism

> JUN 15: SOCIAL MEDIA......Paphos area depends very much on foreign and local tourists.

> JUN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Interest rates for new housing and business loans exceeding €1m in the Cypriot banking system dropped to 3.68 per cent and 3.8 per cent respectively in April

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......The rumour mill has it that certain parties have left the country owing a 'few' quid to the tax man

> MAY 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Greed is the keyword when it comes to business and if they can get more out of their employees without it costing them any extra, they will do just that.

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Almost one third of Cyprus is at risk of poverty and social exclusion, according to figures released by the statistical service

> MAY 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Revenue from tourism falls 1.3% in February to €31.3m

> APR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......The shop, like so many of its counterparts, has folded.

> APR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......millions of euros have been lost to vested interests over the years, according to a local official.

> APR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus’s unemployment rate rose to 16.3 per cent in February

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......€1.75 per hour being paid in the bar down the road.

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Salaries aren't great here

> MAR 15: PAPHOS FORUM......worse possible time for any one to think about coming over to work

> MAR 15: CYPRUS FORUM......make sure it is a reputable employer, as things in Cyprus can sometimes be a bit dodgy.

> MAR 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Some 17 Per cent of households have seen their income plummet by more than 50 per cent since the financial crisis

> FEB 15: PAPHOS many other imported English favourites (food) is so expensive here

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......I find most shops in the Mall terribly overpriced.

> FEB 15: PAPHOS FORUM......Shame there are not really any reasonably priced shops here

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......feel sorry for the staff (shops closing down)

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......We've had accounts at most of the banks here at one time or another.

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......acquiring services etc is more expensive in Cyprus than the UK

> JAN 15: PAPHOS FORUM......all inclusive on offer at the hotels in the area had affected them (restaurants) seriously.

> JAN 15: CYPRUS PRESS......Shops closing down since the economic crisis at a depressing unseemly rate,

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......My personal belief is that CY are dead in the water.

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Price dictates where I do most of my shopping and I am always looking for 1+1 or heavily discounted items

> DEC 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Ongoning efforts to lure visitors and shoppers back to Paphos’ old town

> DEC 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I have used this firm for 7 years and it has been a catalogue of disaster.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......If you're running a business here life has been, and continues to be, tough.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......We've all been there- bought something, doesn't work get a credit note instead of a refund

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The number of Cypriots at risk of poverty last year rose to 27.8 per cent of the population

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......who would be daft enough to place significant funds in any of the banks in Cyprus

> NOV 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Cyprus has fallen a whopping ten places in an international prosperity index in just two years.

> NOV 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Having gone through 6 years of recession (some might say depression) the retail scene in Paphos is looking pretty jaded.

> OCT 14: PAPHOS centres are more than dead and closed down, shops/businesses/cafes/restaurants closing down, staff not been paid wages

> OCT 14: CYPRUS PRESS......The crisis made me leave Cyprus because I couldn’t find a job

> OCT 14: CYPRUS PRESS......Consumer prices fell an annual 0.9 per cent in September compared to an annual deflation rate of 0.7 per cent in August

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......There are staff in hotels all over the island who haven't been paid for many months

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The financial situation in Cyprus is bad

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......The country is bankrupt, the Civil servants should be thankful that they still have jobs when so many people here have not.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I am not an expert, but in choosing an investment advisor you really do need to be very careful.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I wont let anyone near my car or property, unless they are registered and have all the correct insurances.

> SEP 14: PAPHOS FORUM......Finding work in Cyprus has always been difficult and often poorly paid,

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......very little building work is in progress in Pafos, thousands of builders are indeed laid off

> AUG 14: PAPHOS FORUM......I think €6 an hour for a glass collector/washer upper is a good wage.

> JUL 14: PAPHOS FORUM...... jobs for lousy money, poor working conditions (at least for those who don't have relevant connections)

> JUL 14: CYPRUS FORUM......speaking to bar owners, the Brits are staying in hotels for all-inclusive and Russians don't spend.
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